How often should I check Blood Glucose levels?

As a diabetic you should check your blood glucose (or blood sugars) at least 4 times per day and more if possible. Ideally, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, before each meal, 1-2 hours after each meal, and before and after exercise.

What should my blood glucose level be?

Your doctor or endocrinologist will tell you what targets you should be aiming for. If you feel these are high and you would like to be aiming for lower targets then you should first improve your diabetes management and show your doctor that you can meet the current set targets. Then you are in a position to agree to set a lower more aggressive target on your next diabetes review.

See the table below for the recommended targets as given by UK medical agencies. Data for other countries may vary slightly. All measurements are given in mmol/L (UK) and mg/dL(US) equivalents.

 Before meals - (pre prandial)90 minutes after meals (post prandial)
Non-diabetic*4 - 5.972 - 106< 7.8< 141
Type 24 - 772 - 126< 8.5< 153
Type 14 - 772 - 1265 - 990 - 162
Children4 - 772 - 1265 - 990 - 162

How do I improve my Blood Glucose levels

There are many things you can do to improve your blood sugar levels. The first is to lower your carb intake. If you are experiencing a lot of swings in your blood glucose levels it is very likely your carb intake is too high. Start by reducing it and also clean up your diet. Stop snacking, eliminate junk food, sweets and cakes etc. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts. Read the article 8 Ways To Lower Your HbA1c for a good guide to help you get started.

The units on the internet are different..!

Different countries give diabetes related measurements in different units. If you read an article that gives you a diabetes measurement that seems different to what you would expect then it may be stated in a different unit. So find out the units used in the article and the also units you use.

Use our Blood Glucose Unit Converter to convert values between the two most popular units for Blood glucose measurement – mmol/L used in the UK and mg/dL in the USA.

Blood Glucose Unit Converter