What Diabetes monitoring do I need and why..?

As a diabetic you need to monitor a number of aspects of your health. Read the subsequent pages to find information on the most important tests used in diabetes monitoring why they need to be done, and what results you should aim for.

How are Diabetes Targets set..?

For many of these tests the various medical authorities often set the levels or targets so as, to not only take into account the risks to your health, but also the ability to achieve the level or target.

So in some cases the targets are set higher (or easier to achieve) as the medical authorities don’t believe that a lower target is achievable for most diabetics. Your doctor or endocrinologist will probably use these targets as a guideline, as opposed to a hard and fast rule, and may set you slightly different targets based upon your individual medical history, other complications or conditions you currently have and your ability to attain the set target.

Also note that many doctors and endocrinologists will say that to avoid complications and lower your risk of atherosclerosis, cardio vascular disease (CVD) etc. , your control needs to be more aggressive than what is prescribed and where possible you should aim for results closer to that of non-diabetics.

How often do I need a Diabetes checkup..?

As a diabetic you should have a checkup at least twice a year to determine the state of your health. These should include blood tests to determine your HbA1c and lipids as well as an eye test from an optician, retinopathy examination (where they take a photograph of your retina), foot and lower examination as well as dental checkups.