Diabetes and Exact Meals Carb Counting Course

Exact Meals is a fantastic carb counting app, optimised for both mobile and desktop. This is a free course to show and explain to you the main features and use cases of ExactMeals. While not strictly a carb counting course, by using exactmeals you will see how carb counting can done quickly and easily.

We recommend you space this course over at least 1 week. To go to the ExactMeals website click here. To signup to ExactMeals click here.

Gives you valuable tools to help you implement accurate carb counting, store meals and recipes, log your meals to your calander and more.
Carb Counting
Widely acknowledged as one of the best methods to manage diabetes and in particular for insulin controlled Diabetes.
The Aim
By improving your diabetes control and maintaining a healthy diet we aim to make your life happier and healthier..!

What it does..

The Exact Meals Carb Counting application provides many rich features to enable you to quickly and accurately count the carbs in any meal. You can build meals and save to your larder, build recipes and pin to your recipe boards, set limits to guide you when building your meals and much more.

Build Meals

Build a meal using foods, recipes and even other meals. Save to your larder so you can reuse later.

Whether rustling up a quick snack or having last nights left overs for lunch, ExactMeals handles every scenario.

Build Recipes

Create recipes using foods and even include other recipes. Save to your Recipe Boards

You may then use your recipes when building meals. When a recipe is used within a meal changing it will not alter it on your Recipe Board


When build or viewing a meal or recipe, you will see the carbs, calories, protein and fat for that Meal.

Adding Foods

Adding Foods to meals and recipes is quick and easy. On larger screens these features are accessible via a panel on the right of your screen.

Search For Foods
Search our food database and add to a meal or recipe. We have over 8000 foods and our database is growing daily. Foods relevant to your country are prioritised in your search results
Add your own Foods
If a food does not already exist add your own food along with its nutritional details. You can make this private to yourself or public to everyone
Recent Foods
See a list of your recently used foods. Great for referencing foods you use daily
Mark foods you commonly use as favourites. You can then see them in your Favourites list for quick access.

Even more great feautres

Two more great features are the ability to set Custom units of measurements and meal nutritional limits.

Units of Measurement
For every meal, recipe and food you add, you may set custom units of measurement. For example, if you add your own bread you could add a unit called slice and equate 1 slice to 40g.
Set Nutrition Limits
When creating a meal you may set nutritional limits to help guide you. Alerted are diaplayed if you exceed a Limit For example, Limit Carbs to 30g for breakfast or fat to 20g Carb Counting

Recipe Boards

The Meal & Recipe Builder (Part 1)

The Meal & Recipe Builder (Part 2)

The Meal & Recipe Builder (Part 3)

Create a Recipe

Create a layered Recipe

Copy a Recipe

Creating a new Meal

Create a layered Meal

Using a Recipe in a Meal

Your Foods

Adding a Meal to the Calendar

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